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As leaders in the floor polisher industry, Menghini & Bonfanti also offer a wide range of carefully-selected complementary products to enable you to achieve the best results with your equipment.

The full range of items available includes polishing attachments, complementary machinery for polishing processes (vacuum cleaners, hoses) and the material necessary for working floors (diamond tools, waxes, abrasive stones, felt and polishing powders, sealants).

MP3 - That little something extra

smerigliatrice mp3

Planetary system 300 diameter. is suitable for all machines with plates of these dimensions. Mounts under the traditional machine with the aid of a special flange in place of the classic abrasive holding plate. Featuring three satellite plates of 100 mm diameter, it enables faster and easier working with excellent quality. Using diamond tools greatly reduces the problem of residual slurry. It is an intermediate step between the traditional system and one using satellites.

MB Gordon - The essential


The GORDON is a revolutionary manual grinder that combines the benefits of an angle grinder with those of satellite systems.

It is, in fact, fitted with a 150 mm planetary plate and three satellites. Its application offers results that are qualitatively equal to those of the satellite floor grinders, allowing perfect roughing and polishing without the need to set the pressure.

The surfaces are left flat and perfectly finished without requiring any exertion on the part of the operator. It can be used on benches, thresholds, sills and for the restoration of small portions of flooring.

The GORDON is supplied in a plastic case complete with a set of diamond-coated consumables. Two versions are available: one for dry machining and one for use with water, having a built-in safety transformer.

The planetary plate of the GORDON is also detachable. In its place can be mounted a disc for use as a handheld sander. See MB GORDON-MBGORDON PLUS

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