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Polishing powder and felts

The final buffing is obtained with polishing powder and felts or by using special tools such as SPON. Besides the classic polishing products, M&B offers their clients a range of powders that help obtain a perfect gloss, giving a characteristic mirror effect to the floor.

Special felts are utilised that, during the polishing action, produce heat and optimise the combination of powder and water. The powders are available in various types:

  • 5MB - Extensively tested in M&B's range for many years and appreciated all around the world, it is pale yellow in colour and perfect for use on marble. It also provides good results on terraces.
  • MARMOLUX FINE/MARMOLUX GROSSA - especially suited to terracces and also excellent on marble, it is produced in both a fine or granular powder.
  • MEXICAN - A new high-performance product, perfect and effective on any surface.
  • POTE' GRANITO - For granite and hard stones.
  • GRANITO EXTRA - The highest quality for fine granite.

The felts:

  • COLOURED POLISHING PAD - Classics in 300-330-430 mm
  • GORILLA PAD - Special felts with natural bristles at low cost that, used properly, offer the obtainment of an exceptional shine. Measurements in mm: 100-120-170-223-300-330-430.
  • SPON DISCS - Polishing tools that are unique in their genre, with 400-800-1500-3000-6000-10000 grits. They have a very low cost and are perfect on all surfaces, from granite to concrete. These are used in place of powders, going up to the grit size necessary to suit the specific needs, or can be used prior to powder polishing for an easier and faster job. Dimensions in mm: 52-100-120-140-200-170-223.

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