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Polishing machines

Floor polishing machines


Throughout our many years developing and producing floor polishing machinery, Menghini Bonfanti has remained dedicated to delivering products of quality, that are robust, and detailed in design. Many of our machines are manufactured in different sizes and mechanical powers, so as to best suit the requirements of a variety of polishing jobs.


Our satellite polishing machines are cutting-edge designs, manufactured to respond to increasingly varied and complex assignments. With our machines we aim to:

  • significantly reduce labour costs;
  • safeguard the welfare of workers, thus considerably reducing the physiological stress to which they are subjected;
  • offer consistent and high-level performance coupled with total reliability.

All are available with capacities from 2 hp to 15 hp, in various versions for each model in order to fully satisfy the needs of clients.


Renowned worldwide, the "Genovesi" are among the most reliable polishing systems available. Robust and equipped with perfect mechanics, these machines are built to last a lifetime. Available in various versions, with capacities from 2 hp to 7.5 hp, slight modifications over time ensure they always deliver the best performance. They can now be fitted with a planetary system with a diameter of 300 mm or 320 mm. The combination of the machinery and planetary function constitutes a system combining traditional and satellite polishers, with limited economic outlay.

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