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PLATE SIX COLUMN - Tools specially produced for dry processes on concrete. With a size of 60 mm and Velcro attachments, these can be adapted to all satellite machines. Available in grit sizes of 30/50/100/200/500/800/1500/3000.

DOTS - Tools for for wet or dry use suitable for all satellite machines. 80mm diameter. Available grit sizes: 100/200/400/800/1500/3000.


We offer various types of angle grinder disks that can be used wet or dry. Available in sizes of 80/100/125, they have excellent performance and longevity.

WHITE DRY FLEX: in white, these are designed for dry use, but they are also excellent for wet processes. Grit sizes: 30/50/100/200/400/800/1500/3000. Excellent for use even on concrete.

P.P. FLEX: used primarily with water, developed for high quality finishes, thus producing exceptional results. Grit sizes: 30/50/100/200/400/800/1500/3000.

SLICE DISC: 80 mm. Perfect for marble, and particularly for granite. They can also be used on flooring machines. Available in 4 different positions.

Range for traditional machines

Diamond tools have become commonly used for the last few years now, even when working with traditional polishers. In fact, diamond tools provide better results, greater ease of use and reduced production of dirt residues, while the equipment's size and weight are reduced. Diamond abrasives allow for an easier job with better results in a shorter amount of time.


Removing roughness and unevenness on the surface is achieved with tools using diamond "commas" fitted with a varying number of segments, according to the customer's needs.

The tools are available in different grit sizes, from 16 up to 140/170. The different grit sizes are used according to the type of stone to be processed, and the amount of material to be removed. Normally two surface treatments are necessary: one for roughing, the second to eliminate the lines of the first and prepare the floor for polishing.

The company's metallic diamonds have excellent removal efficiency and smooth surfaces perfectly, eliminating any unevenness. Available for marble, terrazzo, granite and concrete in grit sizes of 16/30/40/70/120/220 to meet any job requirements.


Grinding is carried out using resinoid diamond tools, available in grits of 30 to 10000. Four surface treatments on marble/terrazzo/concrete is the standard (grits 50/100/200/400), though sometimes just two or three grit sizes are sufficient. On granite, it is necessary to use up to seven surface treatments and grit sizes. It is always advisable to proceed with the next grit size only when you have removed all of the marks from the previous one.

The use of resinoid diamonds makes the grinding work quick and easy. The tools are fitted using straps and a magnetic support. They are available for all kinds of stone and offer excellent performance, facilitating high level results, even on surfaces like terrazzo or concrete.


 To complete the range, the SPON tools allow for perfect polishing that is easy, fast and cost effective. Grit sizes: 400/800/1500/3000/6000/10000. Perfect for all surfaces, from granite to concrete. These are used in place of powders, available in the grit size needed to suit you; or for use before powder polishing for an easier and faster job. In any case, they allow for faster, better quality and lower cost work.

These are tools used on the machines for bush hammering, which occurs in a homogeneous way because of the quality of the tool itself and the M& B grinder system.

They can be applied to both traditional machines in different plate sizes, and on satellite machines where the crossed rotation and different gear ratios optimise the tool action. Available in all sizes on request. This process is carried out upon natural stone and concrete to produce an anti-slip effect or, for example, to prepare for a subsequent "ageing" process.

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