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Floor treatments

A wide range of products that are complementary to our polishing machines are available at Menghini & Bonfanti.


There are special procedures to enact for surface protection, employing specially-crafted chemical mixes. Carefully selected throughout the years, these top-quality products provide operators with the best on the market for:

waxes - in various types and colours for the completion of polishing processes;

mastics - liquids and solids in white, black, pale and transparent;

water and oil repellents - with a range of options, they serve to protect the surfaces from the penetration of water and oils.


Stone is a natural element, with each typology having similar characteristics. However, within each category (marbles, granites, etc.), the variables in terms of colour and texture are endless, with consequent differences in the results of the polishing process. The "help" products offer effective assistance in dealing with small problems owing to the "natural" qualities of the stone and with eliminating any possible imperfections.


Crystallising ensures a super gloss that resembles "vitrification" whilst also providing a protective film.

There are three different products available: a base that prepares the surface for subsequent applications, an intermediate crystallising and a finishing product.

MB1: a crystallising base with great cleaning power and an optimum preparation for crystallisation. It is applied with a low-speed single brush and a steel wool disc to protect the surface, providing a high degree of gloss and resistance to wear. It is anti-slip and does not yellow over time.

MB3: the highest quality crystallising, offering an exceptional degree of lustre and anti-slip properties. It is applied quickly to terraces, marble, polished concrete and certain granite flooring types. Its superb duration and brilliance are the characteristics of this product, used when only the best quality work will do.


SIX COLUMN - Special tools predominantly for dry use, suitable for all satellite machines. Diameter 60 mm. Available in grit sizes: 30-50-100-200-500-800-1500-3000.

DOTS - Tools for wet or dry use, suitable for all satellite machines. Diameter 80 mm. Available in grit sizes: 100-200-400-800-1500-3000.


Processing of the floors consists of three phases: roughing, smoothing and polishing, each of which is comprised of one or more steps. The number of surface treatments may be reduced by using our satellite grinding machines, given that the applied rotation system helps minimise the depth of the lines produced by the diamond. Following are the details of the three processing steps:

- Roughing

The removal of all roughness and unevenness present on the surface is obtained via the utilisation of metal tools consisting of an iron ring onto which diamond sections are welded. The tools are available in various grit sizes from 16 gr through to 140-170 gr. The different grit sizes are utilised in accordance with the type of stone to be processed and the quantity of material to be removed.

Two surface treatments are usually necessary, one being for the roughing itself, the other to eliminate the lines resulting from the first treatment and to prepare the floor for grinding.

- Grinding

This is achieved by using diamond resinoid tools, available in grit sizes from 30 to 10,000. Four surface treatments on the marble/terrazzo/concrete are usually applied, however occasionally only three or even two grits are sufficient. On granite, it is necessary to increase the utilisation of fine grits to up to seven surface treatments. It is always advisable to proceed with the next grit size only once you have removed all of the marks from the previous one.

- Polishing

After the grinding, a mirror polish effect is obtained via the use of polishing powders and felts or through polishing abrasives. Following the procedure suggested by the company, the combination of powders and felts ensures a perfectly state-of-the-art finish.

The use of the SPON polishing discs provides high-level results, simply by utilising them in a 800-1500-3000-6000-10000 gr sequence, ceasing once having obtained the desired finish at extremely low costs.

- Aged finishes

As an alternative to mirror polishing, an antiquing process can be applied to the surfaces by utilising silicon carbide or diamond brushes on the machines, being available in grit sizes from 36 to 500. They are used after roughing or light bush hammering to accentuate the results of the "antiquing", being to give an aged look to the floor. They are available in diameters of 100-120-140-200-223 and in the FRANKFURT and PRISM forms for traditional grinders.

- Bush hammer

A useful process for scarifying surfaces and preparing them, for example, for the use of gripping products such as epoxy resins, for the removal of resins, glues and paints, for the preparation of "foundations" or surfaces to have an aged finish, or to render the floor anti-slip. Satellite machines can be used with the utmost efficiency even for this type of process, simply by applying the appropriate tools available in the various diameters. Bush hammering of the surfaces occurs homogeneously thanks to the movement of the satellite system.

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