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Brushes for antique finishes


As an alternative to mirror polishing, it is possible to effectuate a process of antiquing the surfaces by applying silicon carbide or diamond brushes to the machines, available in grit sizes from 36 to 500. They are used after roughing or light bush hammering, accentuating the result of the "antiquing", being to provide an aged look to the floor. The finished floor has a glossy or semi-gloss look, depending on the grit, as if covered by the veil of time.

Available in diameters 100-120-140-200-223 or in franfurt and prismatic forms


These are tools used on the machines to effectuate bush hammering, with homogeneous results due to the quality of the tool itself and the M&B grinder system.

They can be applied to both traditional machines with various plate sizes, and to satellite machines where the crossed rotation and various gear ratios optimise the tool's actioning. Available in all sizes upon request. This process is applied to natural stone and concrete to produce an anti-slip effect or, for example, in preparation for a subsequent "ageing" process.

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